Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Building the Scientific Community Indonesia, Technology and Industry Green Tech Life Style (GTLS) Inspiration from Japan

By: DR Hc Anni Iwasaki, President of the Center for Japanese Studies Indonesia For Progress

Ministry of National Development Planning / BAPPENAS in the Letter of the Ministry of Planning / Bappenas Date July 9, 2009 No: 3933/D.VIII/7/2009 actively respond to the proposal has been innovative, visionary and futuristic: "Technical Assistance Pilot Development Multisector Green Tech-Feasibility Study Life Style (GTLS) Inspiration from Japan "for the Japanese Government cq posted to JICA. Proposals from: Kab Wajo, Municipality of Pasuruan, Malang Kab, Kab Kab Blitar Pamekasan and cooperation with the Center for Japanese Studies PUSJUKI-Indonesia-To Progress. Now is in the process in Bappenas. The proposal is the birth of the forerunner of new industrial nations: the Republic of Indonesia Modern.

Foreign Policy of the Government of Japan. Japan participated in the Colombo Plan Date October 6, 1954 became a donor country in economic cooperation and promote the (development) social in developing countries especially in Asia Timur.Hingga in 2003 Japan has issued a software aid (official development asistance / ODA) of U.S. $ 221 billion to 185 countries and regions. Year period 1991-2000 Japan tops the ODA.

Ten recipients of Japanese ODA: Iraq, Tanzania, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Madagascar, Afghanistan and India. Indonesia does not enter. (White Paper Kemenlu Japan 2007) Whereas in the new order era, Indonesia and China are competing diposisi 1-2.

In May of 2005 ahead of U.S. President GW Bush, under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Japanese government to accelerate the program by launching the Climate Change Japanese initiative "Cool Earth 50" over the long term vision science, industrial technology and low emissions for developing countries as well as providing funding.

According to the policy on 8 June 2009 from Tk II Local Government in collaboration with the technical proposal floated PUSJUKI assistant multisectoral feasibility studies over science and industrial technology Green-Tech Life Style (GTLS) Inspiration from Japan and is currently in process in Bappenas.

Although the LDP party has not ruled Japan this effort continues to be enhanced in the government of the Democratic party of Japan / DPJ today.

"Indonesia .." said Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada, ".. is a very important partner for East Asia to the community. Japan saw the role of Indonesia in ASEAN is increasingly important. Therefore, Japan intends to communicate and dialogue with Indonesia to make the details of the East Asian community idea, "said Secretary of Okada in a press conference with Foreign Minister Hasan Wirayuda / Media Indonesia on line Wednesday, October 14, 2009 00:07 pm.

World Big Ten Producing Gas Emissions.
Ten major producer of gas emissions in 2005: China 17%, U.S. 16%, EU 27% -11%, Indonesia 6%, India 5%, Russia 5%, Brazil 4%, Japan 3%, 2% Canada, Mexico 2 %. Carbon emissions generated by these countries are divided into 3 criteria. 1. underground fire 2. including an estimated 2000 million tonnes of CO2 from peat fires and peat decomposition after drying. But a very large range of non pastiannya 3. industry, official reports from industrialized countries to the UNFCCC.

Of the ten large, only Indonesia emitters of carbon number 2 criteria: peat. (Source Wikipedia)

State civil industry ranked second world economy, Japan, with the amount of U.S. $ 4,911 billion GDP emit only 3% while Indonesia is not the amount of industrial countries with GDP of only U.S. $ 512 billion issue of CO2 emissions is greater than in Japan. (Source World Economic Outlook Database, Oct 2009 IMF / Business Facts and Figures Nippon 2010)

Proposals from the five Regional Government of cooperation with the PUSJUKI mentioned above, is a forerunner to the birth of new industrial nations: the Republic of Indonesia Science, Technology and Industry Green Tech Life Style Inspirations from Japan (AI, Tokyo, 1 Nov 2010. website: pusjuki.org; google, yahoo, jurnalnet.com)

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